My Thoughts on Corporate Business Management, “Entrepreneurs” (“Kigyoujin”: the word means that not a start-up founder but a corporate practitioner who is exceptionally dedicated and hard-working employee) and Human Resources Development

“Entrepreneur” – We don’t hear this word often these days but whenever I hear this word I get a tingle down my spine. The word “entrepreneur” conjures up a sense of pride, earnestness and flexibility that I don’t get from words like “businessperson” or “company worker”.

All of the wonderful entrepreneurs I have met in the past have had a strong affection for their own company and understood the role that society expects of their company.
They create customers and continue to take on challenges so that they can create value that exceeds their customers’ expectations.
They work hard alongside their colleagues, share the joy and the hardship of work with them, and put “pressure” on their colleagues with the attempt to encourage their personal development and life satisfaction.
They continue to develop their skills through a wide range of experiences and try to achieve personal actualization and a contribution to society.

How do people become such a great “entrepreneur” in the first place?
This is ultimately accordance with the nature of the corporate management.
Corporate management that is brimming with discipline and goodwill, with lofty ideals and always tries to do the right thing in the right way makes people “entrepreneur”
Corporate management that has an unshakeable belief in the fact that “people are the most valuable assets” makes people “entrepreneur” Corporate management in which people continue to learn and seek differentiation from other companies with the attempt to gain the trust of customers makes people “entrepreneur”.
During this process people repeatedly experience success and failure, but continue to grow up as a result of being considerate towards and receiving consideration from their colleagues.
Corporate culture is made by people, and people grow up through the help of other people.

In other words, human resources development at companies reflects the state of the company’s management.
The ultimate aim of human resources development is to make a company at which all of the employees have pride and earnestness as “entrepreneur ” and adopt the same attitude as the representatives, or owners, of the company.

This is the key to whether the company will beat the competition and survive in the future or not.
Our heartfelt goal is to carry on chasing this ideal alongside our customers.
This is why our basic values are centered on long-term and robust trust relationships with our customers.
Our mission is to think about what is best for our customers, share their management challenges, and give support to human resources development that will help their business to grow. Nothing else gives us more pleasure.
As a “human resources development professional firm” that is trusted by our customers above no other, we will do everything within our power to ensure that our customers succeed.

President and CEO, Teiji Kashima