A professional firm in the field of human resource development

The challenges of human resources are unique circumstances at each and every company. In order to optimize the solutions of human resources in accordance with each company for the maximum impact, CELM works closely from the customer’s perspective and cooperates with the customer. We offer robust support in regard to human resources to corporate management, backed up by a network of high-end consultants with abundant practical experience.

STANCE Leading our customers to optimized solutions by building a close relationship with each and every company and working together.

We don’t possess prepared answers or package programs. This is because the challenges in human resources and organizations at each and every company have different and unique features and cannot be solved with solutions packages. What’s more, at almost all companies the corporate management challenges cannot be tackled purely by the human resources development strategy.

CELM starts working in partnership with the customer from the outset, including identifying the customer’s market environment and business conditions, its management direction and internal situation. We start by clarifying the issues so that the goals of the managers, personnel department and business practitioners can be realized. We then utilize the knowledge and networks of human resources development professionals as we work alongside the management team and plan, execute, establish and follow-up on the most effective human resources development program.

STANCE Our abundant partner consultant network allows us to respond to specific needs

CELM has a partner consultant network of more than 900 consultants, allowing us to find the optimum solutions to customers’ unique challenges.
We collaborate with our partner consultants to plan and promote optimum human resources development solutions for customers’ unique challenges in a way that takes into account the style requested by the customer and compatibility, in addition to the specific characteristics of the company and the essence of the challenge. We make no compromises during this process.